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How to maintain teabag packing maker

Tea product packaging device are actually extensively made use of in tea packing, along with some medication and also various other markets which need to have within and also outside bag. So cleaning up job is specifically essential, at that point just how to clean it adequately?

sachet packing machine factory1, consistently check out the mechanical parts once a month, consisting of the worm, worm rod, pouch packing machine factory greasing block bolts, bearings and other tasks belong to the versatile and use problems, found flaws should be immediately fixed, not obliged to utilize.

2, the equipment needs to be actually placed in a clean and well-maintained interior make use of, certainly not in the setting having acids and also other corrosive gases on the body of the use of locations.

3, after using, you should take out the spinning drum to well-maintained and clean the remaining component within the container, then put in as well as plan for pouch packing machine following opportunity.

4, when the drum in the job occurred prior to and also after moving, please readjust the frontal bearing movement M10 screw to the suitable area. If the gearwheel shaft is moving, change the M10 screw to the ideal position on the rear of the bearing frame, readjust the open space to bring in the bearing no sound, hand pulley-block, elastic appropriate, as well precarious or too loosened might damage the equipment.

5, if tools during interruption for a very long time, the equipment needs to be actually rubbed well-maintained the whole body, the soft component of the equipment coated along with anti-rust oil, with an excellent cloth.

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