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How to change the pump oil in vacuum cleaner packing machine?

Prior to the oil improvement, the pump needs to be competing 15-30 minutes, cease after the oil temp climbs, open up the oil plug, vacant the oil, and after that secure the oil plug, maintain oil to the new pump at defined height.If there is heavy contamination, at that point put new oil to re-operation, to ensure the pump tidy enough. The solenoid valve should be washed for each 3 to 6 months of ongoing operation.

Actions as adhere to :

A, get rid of the solenoid shutoff

B, open up the solenoid valve, the valve seat, body system, center as well as spring season, embeded the 90 # fuel for cleansing

C, completely dry the gasoline on the parts, sachet packing machinery at that point put up depending on to the purchase (prior to the installment of iron should be actually covered with a percentage of lubricating oil)

D, electrical power test, if the shutoff has a powerful resonance or odd noise, need to re-remove the shutoff physical body, switch a certain angle and after that re-installed, test once more until no noise.

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